Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frightmare Forest 2008!

Sunday, Dagon went and talked to one of the guys from the VFD (volunteer fire department) and set up a meeting for the spook trail.

Monday night Dagon went to the meeting. The VFD is supposed to start working on the trail Saturday. They are gonna clean the trail up and build some buildings.

They are building me a witches shack. We've started working on "potion bottles" and I'm gonna make a witch book and some other decorations for me to use at my scare.

Monday, Dagon got an old chainsaw to use in the trail, from a guy he used to work for. So that's cool and saves some money. He had to work on it some, but he got it running.


Here are some pumpkins Dagon grew this year! They're just for our porch decoration and making pies! They are very nice pumpkins.


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