Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy As Bees.

We've been working around DragonWyck Manor getting it ready for Christmas. Dagon put the Christmas tree up and it is delightful. He used Halloween treats as decorations! The little toy treats. A photo of it is on the Everyday Is Halloween blog. You can find it by going to my blog list on my profile.

Dagon sculpted a Santa Claus bottle for his mom to paint. I'll post photos of it when she is done with it.
Dagon has been going bottle digging for old bottles/jars. He's found some neat ones.

Since I don't have any photos of new art projects right now I'm gonna post a couple of photos from Zombie Drive.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Les Yeux Sans Visage".

New photo manipulation art by SpiderBaby.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday!!!

Cool Unique Gifts for The Horror Fan on your shopping list!!!
Some items as much as 50% off!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Country Boutique.

Dagon's mom has opened an Etsy shop. If you like country and Christmas themed items then check it out.

The Vintage Glass Shop.

Dagon has opened a Vintage Bottle Shop on Cartfly.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

September & October 2008.

We were very busy here at DragonWyck Manor in September and October 2008.

We had Zombie Drive at DragonWyck Manor Halloween, and it took a lot of work to get it ready.
Dagon made a bunch of zombies to display from scratch. They looked really cool! We made signs, flyers, and banners to advertise. Dagon also customized several other items to use for decorations.
It was a lot of fun!

We also worked on Frightmare Forest. We started Frightmare Forest last year and worked really hard on it, but were not gonna work on it this year, then two weeks before it started people from the VFD came and asked would we help out. So Dagon did some building, he fixed the witch-house up some and put boards on the section we were at and made a old west looking entranceway. We turned a plain vampire tunnel into a vampire crypt with faux brick walls and scary eyes. Dagon also painted a cemetery sign and stuff on some grave-markers. He also fixed some of the spiderweb that was hanging up. We also worked as actors in it 2 nights. We had a lot of people screaming and jumping at our scare section. Dagon worked a chainsaw and wore a scary mask he made and I was a Zombie Queen called Bone Mama.

You can view photos from Frightmare Forest at:

We also had horror movie marathons and did the usual housework/yard-work and general everyday stuff that has to be done. So we have been super busy.

Photo from Zombie Drive!

Zombie Drive 2008!

Zombie Drive was a huge success with over 100 children/people coming to it! It was a lot of fun!

To see photos from Zombie Drive go to the website:



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zombie Drive!

Zombie Drive is the Spook Drive we are having this year!
Myspace page:


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zombie Head.

Dagon made this zombie head from scratch. It will be used as a Halloween decoration.


Hurricane Gustav.

DragonWyck Manor is located in the Southeast of Mississippi so we got a lot of weather from Hurricane Gustav. Mostly rain and some wind.


Photo of porch, my car (Sophie), front yard and pond (Candy Corn Lagoon) of DragonWyck Manor, Monday September 1st, 2008. During a rainstorm from Hurricane Gustav.

Dead Pixie.

Dead Pixie in a jar. By Dagon.



Porch Spiders of DragonWyck Manor.

These ladies build big pretty webs on the porch of DragonWyck Manor.


Golden Silk Spider.



Black & Yellow Garden Spider & her egg sacks.


Other Black & Yellow Garden Spider.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dead Fairy.

Dagon made this Dead Fairy figure! Photo by Dagon.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Spook Trail News.

We've decided not to work on Frightmare Forest Spook Trail this year.
We don't like the direction it is going.
Which sucks because it was our idea to begin with, and this is only it's second year.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

White Beard The Pirate!

Check out our CafePress shop for White Beard the Pirate Santa Goodness!
He comes on clothes, housewares, stickers, and more!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Is Cool!

Check this out!
Ghoul Friday made a post about The Boneyard BOOtique in her blog!



Frightmare Forest 2008!

Sunday, Dagon went and talked to one of the guys from the VFD (volunteer fire department) and set up a meeting for the spook trail.

Monday night Dagon went to the meeting. The VFD is supposed to start working on the trail Saturday. They are gonna clean the trail up and build some buildings.

They are building me a witches shack. We've started working on "potion bottles" and I'm gonna make a witch book and some other decorations for me to use at my scare.

Monday, Dagon got an old chainsaw to use in the trail, from a guy he used to work for. So that's cool and saves some money. He had to work on it some, but he got it running.


Here are some pumpkins Dagon grew this year! They're just for our porch decoration and making pies! They are very nice pumpkins.


Three New Zombie Pendants!

I posted 3 new zombie pendants at The Boneyard BOOtique today!!!





Thursday, August 7, 2008

85 Days Till Halloween 2008!

Here at DragonWyck Manor we have been getting ready for Halloween 2008 pretty much since last Halloween. We are gonna decorate the Manor and we're working on a spook trail.
We planned and organized the Frightmare Forest Spook Trail last year, too. Over 700 people came out to get scared!
We've already started working on props, costumes, and decorations for the trail this year.
Dagon has already finished his mask for the trail. I'm probably gonna be a witch. We haven't started on my costume or props, yet.
Dagon has been working on some decorations for Halloween and some new pendants for The Boneyard BOOtique shop.
We have a lot of stuff to do to get ready for Halloween this year!

Dagon as LeatherFace at the Frightmare Forest Spook Trail 2007!

New Blog!

This is a new blog. It will have news and updates about what creative stuff is going on at DragonWyck Manor, our house.
We will be posting about our art and craft projects.
Updates about our online shop The Boneyard BOOtique.
Also, Cool stuff we find around the internet and in real life.